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GuildOx rankings GuildOx rankingsHi and welcome to the home of Exhumed! We're a World of Warcraft guild on the Alliance side of Shadowsong EU. We're an active, friendly raiding and PvP guild that aims to achieve balance between defeating end-game raid content and dominating PvP whilst still making room for real life. If you have a desire to learn the game properly and be an active and positive member of our guild then you're very welcome here.

Further information about us can be found using the  menu at the top of the page, along with application guidelines and recruitment information – you should start here if you're interested in applying to join us.

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Below are our latest video releases to YouTube.


Our raid kill videos are often a boss (or two) behind our actual progression due to the time these take to edit. Links to other videos in the series are below:

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Current Recruitment Needs

We are ALWAYS open for social member applications. The  information below only applies to our raid and PvP teams and even then exceptions may be made for very exceptional applicants.

Our Progression Raid team (raids Wed/Thurs 2100-midnight server) is looking for;

  1. Tanks;
  2. Mêlée DPS (no shaman!);
  3. Ranged DPS;

Our RBG team (battles Fri/Tue 2100-2300 server) is looking for;

  1. All classes and roles;

Our Monday team (raids Mon 2100-midnight server) is currently looking for:

  1. Tanks;
  2. Mêlée DPS;
  3. Ranged DPS;

Raider Wed/Thu

Raider Mon/Sun

RBG Tue/Fri



Melee DPS

Ranged DPS

Because of the way raids are designed and optimal raid composition, we prefer:

  • our DPS to have a HEALING off spec if your class has the option;
  • our DPS to have a TANK off spec if they have no healer option;
  • our TANKS and HEALERS to have a DPS off spec;