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Archimonde's Fate Sealed

Evlyxx admRP posted Sep 18, 15

Archimonde killshot

A night of wiping ended gloriously with the fall of Archimonde, we got close many times but we were just missing a hunter, thankfully Bowzooka came to the rescue and delt with tehliving shadows that were causing us problems. All hail Bowzooka!

Bowzooka Hm..Bowzooka? Sounds real familiar But, wasn't just him alone, he was accompanied by a great team! Well done all ...


Evlyxx admRP posted Aug 28, 15

A horrible week ended with a fantastic night as we downed Mannorth and moved to 12/13 HC.

We're needing new recruits to give us a hope for Mythic content, especially ranged DPS...if you're interested and either geared or willing to work your nuts off to get the gear please apply at http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/recruitment.

Another brace of bosses in Hellfire fel this week first Xhul'Horac then Tyrant Velhari...

Tyrant Velhari


We cleaved their souls in twain

Evlyxx admRP posted Aug 1, 15

Socrethar: His life ends here!

Evlyxx admRP posted Jul 24, 15

Socrethar: His life ends here!

The research from last week helped us get a quick kill this week. Proof that prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!