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We cleaved their souls in twain

Evlyxx admRP posted Sat at 11:20

Socrethar: His life ends here!

Evlyxx admRP posted Jul 24, 15

Socrethar: His life ends here!

The research from last week helped us get a quick kill this week. Proof that prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!

A Great Week

Evlyxx admRP posted Jul 5, 15

Iron reaver was finally overcome this week, we seemed to struggle on this one for no good reason, but seems the stuff behind him is a little more forgiving or should that be easy?

Kormrok down in less than a dozen pulls was quickly followed by the Council in 2!

Hellfire Assaulted

Evlyxx admRP posted Jul 1, 15

Hellfire Assaulted

Week one and despite focusing on norml mode kills we managed 1 HC boss, or rather group of trash that counted as a boss encounter.