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Kilrogg Dead? Aye!

Evlyxx admRPon posted Jan 9, 16

After the success of Wednesday night, we moved into mythic Hellfire Citadel for a second night of mythic raiding. Kilrogg Deadeye was the target and while the fight had changed, it wasn't a major change and within 7 pulls he was defeated, we even managed to keep Ariok alive without even trying.

We moved onto Gorefiend to find that he is a little bit tougher than the bosses we've encountered so far, he could be toughr than the attendance boss and the recruitment boss rolled together.

The next few raids could be interesting and challenging, bring it on!

New Year, New Kill

Evlyxx admRPon posted Jan 9, 16

It had been a long time since we'd had enough for a Mythic raid outing, far too long and that combined with a few of the team new to facing off against the mythic bosses of Hellfire Citadel we had a few wipes but in our first raid of the new year we managed to repeat our 3 previous kills and add the High Council  to the list and take our kill count to four.

Happy 2016

Evlyxx admRPon posted Dec 31, 15

Wishing you all a happy and exciting 2016.

Mythic Kormrok defeated

Evlyxx admRPon posted Nov 29, 15

Mythic Kormrok

Another Mythic Hellfire boss died this week as we pooled our resources and dealt with everything Kormrok could throw at us. Good progress was made on the Council too. Another great week for Exhumed :)

Patch 6.2.3 Gives Us Mythic Kills

Evlyxx admRPon posted Nov 21, 15

Very happy to report that the patch seems to have made everyone log in this week and this renewed enthusiasm meant more signups and a trip into Mythic.

Our previous Mythic night in Hellfire was 2 months ago and we wiped well on Hellfire Assault, this week we went in and one shot it which is bloody awesome! We spent a little longer learning the Iron Reaver fight and relearning how to avoid the basic attacks which now hurt and means people have to move or you die (who'd have thought?) before Iron Reaver went down too.

Anyway, big gratz to everyone that was there on the night and lets hope we have 2 Mythic nights every week until Legion lands.