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Evlyxx admRP posted Fri at 20:59

A horrible week ended with a fantastic night as we downed Mannorth and moved to 12/13 HC.

We're needing new recruits to give us a hope for Mythic content, especially ranged DPS...if you're interested and either geared or willing to work your nuts off to get the gear please apply at http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/recruitment.

Another brace of bosses in Hellfire fel this week first Xhul'Horac then Tyrant Velhari...

Tyrant Velhari


We cleaved their souls in twain

Evlyxx admRP posted Aug 1, 15

Socrethar: His life ends here!

Evlyxx admRP posted Jul 24, 15

Socrethar: His life ends here!

The research from last week helped us get a quick kill this week. Proof that prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!