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Patch 6.2.3 Gives Us Mythic Kills

Evlyxx admRP posted Sat at 9:42

Very happy to report that the patch seems to have made everyone log in this week and this renewed enthusiasm meant more signups and a trip into Mythic.

Our previous Mythic night in Hellfire was 2 months ago and we wiped well on Hellfire Assault, this week we went in and one shot it which is bloody awesome! We spent a little longer learning the Iron Reaver fight and relearning how to avoid the basic attacks which now hurt and means people have to move or you die (who'd have thought?) before Iron Reaver went down too.

Anyway, big gratz to everyone that was there on the night and lets hope we have 2 Mythic nights every week until Legion lands.

November Events

Evlyxx admRP posted Oct 26, 15

As usual; this month we've loads of planned events for almost ever night of the week from RBGs, progression raids, achievement raids, casual raids and through to stuff like just hanging out on TeamSpeak.

All are welcome to sign for any event, there may be level or gear requirements for some events though so please check the calendar in game and here on the website (please signup on both, as the ingame one is more a remionder to get you sign up).

Also, this month, we have BlizzCon and a few of us will be on TS to chat about the big news releases as it happens, its almost like we'll be there, OK maybe not but its better than sitting at home all alone with nobody to deiscuss it with.

Jiminee Great post! Hope alot of people sign up now for funsies and giggles ...

Archimonde's Fate Sealed

Evlyxx admRP posted Sep 18, 15

Archimonde killshot

A night of wiping ended gloriously with the fall of Archimonde, we got close many times but we were just missing a hunter, thankfully Bowzooka came to the rescue and delt with tehliving shadows that were causing us problems. All hail Bowzooka!

Seanpaul Belated- Grtz! ...
Bowzooka Hm..Bowzooka? Sounds real familiar But, wasn't just him alone, he was accompanied by a great team! Well done all ...


Evlyxx admRP posted Aug 28, 15

A horrible week ended with a fantastic night as we downed Mannorth and moved to 12/13 HC.

We're needing new recruits to give us a hope for Mythic content, especially ranged DPS...if you're interested and either geared or willing to work your nuts off to get the gear please apply at http://www.exhumed-guild.co.uk/recruitment.

Another brace of bosses in Hellfire fel this week first Xhul'Horac then Tyrant Velhari...

Tyrant Velhari