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Exhumed: the Rythe Stuff

Evlyxx adminRaider posted Jan 18, 15
Mythic Kargath
Blizzcon 2013 rocked planet Exhumed, we wanted to raid small but we wanted to raid at the highest level. Something had to change and after consulting the main raiders it was decided that we'd aim for a Mythic team.

Plans were made, some raiders were lost as they didn't want to pursue the guild goal or didn't think we were going to get there, well it turns out them ones weren't Rythe after all as we've now defeated our 1st mythic boss and thankfully it looks like we could be in for some more soon!

Grats to everyone in the team and especially to Alkathraze, who managed to get a no1 ranking on the kill

in total 3 got legendary rankings and 4 got top 200 spots too so grats also to Artherion, Sinead and Funjitsu.
Alkathraze Raider Always knew we could and considering the hours we raid in relation to others we are doing damn fine. Now let's get some ...

Tomb Raider Squad Finalised

Evlyxx adminRaider posted Jan 13, 15

With the last few Tomb Raider promotions complete, we can finally announce the full team as:


Artherion, Dristereau & Funjitsu;

, Evlyxx, Exonym, Holyklauw, Nazkia & Syene;

Aerendil, Appléjack, Bluntie, Minimvs, Misanthropé, Rippex, Squasige, Turlanne, Xanhast & Zatrina;

Alkathraze, Baniza, Dapoowner, Findenaar, Greyrunner, Hundell, Irnotholy, Mettah,Misaki, Sinead, Sophina & Veryo;

Yes we have 6 paladins and 5 hunters at least the other 19 peple chose to play the non-OP classes.

Squasige Cant wait. Been a long time since i made a progressive raid team of really good quality. Thanks for taking me in.
turlan Raider Congrats to everyone. Now let's kill some baddies!

Mar'gok Falls to Exhumed

Evlyxx adminRaider posted Jan 9, 15

Despite the boasts of Imperator Mar'gok, it seems that no only has Highmaul fallen but the Gorian Empire was overthrown by a band of Exhumed peasants, who simply refused to learn their place, and made the Imperator look upon the tools of his demise as they assaulted the seat of his power.

After such a splendid the victory, the "peasants" did return and became kitty food more often than crowd pleasers as they bashed heads with mythic Bladefist, who is not looking as much like a loot piƱata anymore.
xanhast Raider indeed misaki, now the real raiding can begin!!
Misaki Raider Great to finally get him down! A very long, unforgiving fight where one mistake can cost you a raid wipe. Now the real ...

Ko'ragh Krushed

Evlyxx adminRaider posted Dec 30, 14

Ko'ragh fell to the powers of Exhumed this week, only the big guy left before we've cleared Highmaul.
Nazkia Raider congrats guys ! ...

Two More Bosses

Evlyxx adminRaider posted Dec 25, 14

OK I confess, it isn't really 2 boss encounters, but we killed both of the Twin Ogron!