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Challenge Mode Masters

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted 11 hours ago

We're back in the Challenge Mode game with a bang.

After a rumoured realm best in Slag Mines we've gone and smashed our previous bests in Upper Black Rock Spire and Skyreach.

As one of the original group that did a "OMG that hurt" 4 hours 12 minutes run of UBRS back in November the improvements made have been, huge!

Hey grats :) to the guys on the night, Alkathraze, Artherion, Funjitsu, Misaki and Turlanne.

Blast Furnace did die

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Sat at 18:13

Finally the official screenshot of our Blast Furnace kill. Yes we had the 5 ilevel buff but we still managed it on the 11th pull of our first night of serious attempts on him.

Iron Maidens Kill Shot

It was 2 Minutes to Midnight when the Weekend Warrior's of Exhumed, who were not Afraid to Shoot Strangers with their arrows and magic claimed Another Life of Blackhand's Women In Uniform who did Die With Their Boots On. There was No Prayer For the Dying but The Aftermath revealed A Brave New World for the Strangers in A Strange Land who were Caught Somewhere in Time.

exonym Raid where is the blast furnace kill pic?
Artherion RaidPvP Can you please use More iron maiden song names in your posts please? Thanks you! ...

Current recruitment needs

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Mar 2, 15

Due to a few recent retirements we've some holes that need to be filled in our Tomb Raider team roster and in our Corpse Camper RBG team.

So if you think you can commit to raids Wednesday and Thursday 2100-midnight (server) and have what it takes to raid mythic content please either apply or if you're already in guild send Evlyxx a PM.

and if you're wanting to join our RBG team and can play Tuesday and Friday nights 2100-2300 (server) please either apply or if you're already in guild send Dumix a PM.

Se7en of Ten

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Feb 28, 15

This week saw the Tomb Raiders get 2 new kills as Kromog and Oregorger died.

Congrats to all that were present on the kills, sadly I was 2 minutes late (damn you work!) to score a kill myself on Kromog, but I did manage to sneak in for the photo!!

Hey Evlyxx you weren't there!