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MC Butcher at the Pool Party!

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Apr 11, 15

MC Butcher

We had a whale of a time at the Pool Party hosted by MC Butcher!

Irnotholy Raid I guess you could touch him?

Blackhand Down

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Apr 5, 15

Congrats to our Tomb Raider team who have now defeated all the bosses in Blackrock Foundry and are ready to move onto Mythic content.

We are needing to add a few more people to the team to be able to move onto Mythic content so if you're a ranged DPS or a healer please /w Artherion, Clearly, Evlyxx, Funjitsu, Irnotholy or Turlanne for more information or simply apply here.

Corpse Campers Hit 1800

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Apr 3, 15

Our Corpse Camper tem has, hit 1800 rating this week and becoming Knight-Captains. Congrats to the team led by Dumix, Appléjack and Dyloxe.

Twin Ogron Mythic

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Apr 3, 15

After our Blackhand kill we moved back into Highmaul mythic and took down the Twin Ogron. While not the main focus of the team at the minute we will be going back to kill all bosses in Highmaul on Mythic when time permits.

Challenge Mode Masters

Evlyxx admRaidPvP posted Mar 31, 15

We're back in the Challenge Mode game with a bang.

After a realm best in Slag Mines we've gone and smashed our previous bests in Upper Black Rock Spire, Skyreach and Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.

As one of the original group that did a "OMG that hurt" 4 hours 12 minutes run of UBRS back in November the improvements made have been, huge!

Hey grats :) to the guys scoring these wins for the guild, Alkathraze, Artherion, Clearly, Funjitsu, Misaki and Turlanne.