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Raid Team Enhanced

Evlyxx adminonline posted Wed at 6:57
As had been announced previously, we've been wanting to add a few people to role lead positions to help our raids run a little more smoothly now we've doubled the raid squad.

The time has come to reveal the second of these roles, the mêlée DPS role. The role has gone to someone that is not only a great mêlée DPS, but also a great team player, often stepping into assist the healer team.

I'm pleased to announce that person is Turlanne.

That just leaves one final vacancy, that of ranged DPS which I'm hoping to announce later this week.

Irnotholy GG, Teach them how to fire nova more.
Pewpewboom Gz mate, perfect person for the position ! ...
sophina bet its ban for ranged....or one of the locks ...

Clearly the Right Choice

Evlyxx adminonline posted Sun at 11:41
With the move from 10 man raiding thrust upon us, it was always known that we would need to change the way we run raids. during the first few weeks it has been tough especially running massive raid sizes like 30 and 40. Therefore the officers have been looking for suitable candidates to fill a few raid assistant roles.

The roles we need immediately are role leads, who will be responsible for role specific duties such as interrupt orders, CC assignments and healing assignments. In a 10 man group this was done by myself and Artherion/Funjitsu but now this is too much work for us to do while we're trying to do our own tasks as well as try and perform in the raid.

I'm pleased to announce that the first of these roles has been filled, so I'd like to formally announce that Clearly is our new healing lead and will hopefully soon be joined by a DPS lead.

Irnotholy Great choice!
Caroline Congrats!
Pewpewboom Gz mate ...

Not One But Two Highmaul Bosses!

Evlyxx adminonline posted Fri at 3:50

Two more new bosses this week takes us to 4 of 7 in Highmaul Heroic.
Dell Were getting into stride now, looking good ...

The Butcher

Evlyxx adminonline posted Thu at 15:25
The Butcher
After failing the gear check last week, and running normals instead, we tried once more this week to go in and proceeded to make mincemeat of the Butcher. Ok well maybe there was only 3 alive at the end, but we won!
xanhast congrats, shame i wasnt in the raid.

Kargath Bladefist

Evlyxx adminonline posted Dec 4, 14
Kargath Bladefist

Our first visit to Highmaul and after our first wipe we got our first kill. Running personal loot saw 10 people get loot which is great for our overall output. We moved through the trash (boy dem piggies hurt) and faced off against the butcher who proved a little tougher than the orc as we hit the enrage phase our healers were out of steam and ultimately we were wiping on the enrage timer. Seems very doable, just need more output from everyone and we'll see a kill.
sophina i was on ts when you killed it trying to log in yo should photoshop me in there somewhere ...