Current Recruitment Needs

We are currently recruiting for social members and ALL roles for our raid and RBG teams in Warlords of Draenor.

Our Mythic Raid Team will raid Wed/Thurs 2100-midnight server;

  • We are currently looking for more DPS;
  • especially deathknights, mages and rogues;
  • We are full on tanks;
  • We have many druids, we need no more;

Our RBG team will battles Fri/Tue 2100-2300 server;

  • We are currently looking for all roles;

Our Heroic raid team will raid Sun/Mon 2100-midnight server;

  • We are currently looking for all roles;

Because of the way raids are designed and optimal raid composition, we prefer:

  • our DPS to have a HEALING off spec if your class has the option;
  • our DPS to have a TANK off spec if they have no healer option;
  • our TANKS and HEALERS to have a DPS off spec;


Joining Exhumed!

If you're reading this then you are probably looking to join Exhumed. This page should contain everything you need to know to help you decide if we seem like the right guild for you. We make no apologies for the amount of information included; joining a new guild is a big deal and we ultimately want to help you make the right choice for you and us. 


Who are we?

We are a well established guild with a stable core of mature players. We have a lot of active members from all over the world and from all walks of life.  If you have real life obligations such as a full-time job or family that requires a lot of your time but you still have an active interest in progressive raiding then we may be the perfect guild for you.  With our short, yet focused, raiding schedule there is a good balance between enjoyable raiding and social guild activities whilst still leaving room for getting on with life.  We try to recruit the player not the pixels, so if you're absolutely amazing but can only raid for a limited time per week you should defnitely check us out...

What are our aims?

The purpose of this guild is to be a sucessful raiding and pvp guild that can progress through current content and into Mists of Pandaria and beyond.

Activities such as 5-man instancing, heroics and events such as achievement runs and old school raids will also be scheduled and organisied for you to sign up to if you so wish. We aim to build a solid reputation on Shadowsong for progressing well through raid content without being a super hardcore guild.

Casual Doesn't Mean Awful!

We are casual in the sense that we have no minimum attendance, accept people have lives and do not play wow 5 nights a week for 5 hours at a time. We keep progression raids to 2 nights a week which equals 6 hours total raid time. Just because we are casual this does not mean we do not expect everyone who signs to raids to try their best. To continue downing bosses on a tight raid schedule we expect all raiders to do their 'homework' and know their class. If you run into a boss that needs 24K DPS from everyone, it needs 24K DPS from everyone and there is no way around that. Just because we are a casual raiding guild the boss is not going to give us all a break now is he? We do not ever fall back on "we are casual so we can't do it until we over gear it". We believe a casual guild can do anything a hardcore guild can, it just takes us longer because we do not play as much. If you want to be part of the progrression raid team we expect hard core performances even if you only raid 1 night (3 hours) a week.

What We Can Offer You:

  • A spot in our guild as a social member
  • The chance to be part of a casual raid team, or if you love raids, the oppurtunity to become a member of our progression raid team
  • If you're into PVP then you can join the random BGs or if you're into it much more arena teams and our guild RBG team
  • A place for your alts as there is plenty going on throughout the week
  • A relaxed but well managed guild chat and voice comms
  • A place where you can discuss your class and share ideas to make us better as a guild

What We Expect From our Raiders:

  • A well thought out application – 3 or 4 lines stating gearscore will simply not do
  • Evidence that you understand and have put time into improving your character – for example correctly enchanted and gemmed gear
  • Raiding experience is obviously desirable if you want to join the raiding team
  • A strong understanding of your class and the ability to play more than one spec to a high standard is a massive bonus for us
  • You should be able to take constructive criticism to help improve you as a player
  • To work as part of the team in all raids. A successful trial period does not necessarily make you a raider and even upon achieving raider rank this does not guarantee your spot in all raids
  • Dedication; we want you to stick around for the long haul – we do not want to gear you up just to see you leave as it simply wastes everybodys time and effort
  • The ambition to want to progress through hard modes once normal content is on farm
  • If we take the time to upload logs of raids then we expect you to spare a few moments to check out your perfromance


Trialist Period:

Upon joining the guild you will be assigned the rank of Trialist. This is a non-negotiable 21-day period that allows both you and us to assess whether there are any initial glaring issues that may inhibit your enjoyment of the game whilst in Exhumed. We believe that being in the right guild is one of the most important aspects of the game and we want to make sure that this works for everyone in Exhumed. Being a Trialist means there are certain restrictions placed on you for the 21-day duration. The main ones are:

  • Loot rolls in End Game Raiding - you will only receive loot should no-one else, of higher rank, roll on it for either main or off-spec. There is no "no loot" rule, however, understandably you are considered to be at the bottom of the loot ladder for your Trialist period.
  • Guild Bank mats - you will not have access to End Game mats that are in the GB whilst you are a Trialist. Any other mats will be handed out on Officer discretion only to Trialists.

Upon the successful completion of your Trialist period you will be promoted to "Member" from where you can, should you wish to, progress to the higher ranks in the guild. Should either party decide things are not working out the way they would like the Guild Officers will explain the reasons for this and then part company. We would ask that you do the same if you decide the guild is not for you.


The World of PvP:

Exhumed's PvP Army has risen to the challenge of Rated Battlegrounds and facing the might of the Horde in heated conflict! We were found to be deadly opponents last season as we achieved the server first rank spot on Shadowsong. The squad continues to build, grow and develop, aiming to maintain that server first rank we dedicate ourselves on a weekly basis to go out and meet the Horde with a vengence! Exhumed can offer you support and guidance with PvP and also offer you a place in the RBG team, Arena teams and World PvP runs; dare you tackle Orgrimmar head on?  What we expect from you, as a PvP applicant, is simple:

  • The willingness to learn and a positive attitude
  • Communication, teamwork and to never quit. 
  • The correct: PvP spec, gems, enchants, glyphs and reforged stats (although reforged stats is not essential)
  • Gear isn't required to apply; though you should be striving to aquire the gear by farming BGs

For the Alliance!


Current Recruitment Status: 

  • Current recruitment status for all classes for both PvP and Raiding can be found in the table on the left of this page
  • Currently our Wednesday/Thursday raiding team is full. However we are still recruiting for out Sunday/Monday team and are in particualr need of healers
  • We still need a few more specific classes to strengthen the PvP and Raiding teams
  • We will always accept exceptional and social applications of all classes and levels...


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Please also have a read at our general guidlines.